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Zak Perry & chris hughes

The Sea Shack Recordings - Vol. 1


The Sea Shack Recordings - Volume 1


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Zak Perry
Chris Hughes

The whole idea for this record came during the initial Covid-19 pandemic pandemonium, and subsequent lockdown. When the virus initially surfaced Zak was living and touring in France. The lockdown measures were extreme there and Zak Perry and The Beautiful Things managed to write and record enough material for 2 1/2 albums. The lockdown persisted, bringing Zak back to the states. 

At that time Chris was doing some limited solo acoustic shows around Galveston, Texas and recording song demos at The Sea Shack. 

So, with Zak back in the U.S., and Chris playing solo shows around Galveston, it was a meshing of friendship, necessity, and convenience. The two hadn't played together in a few years, so it was a great deal. Within a few weeks into the acoustic shows they were doing, the idea of recording the record came about. Initially the concept was a simple acoustic EP. 4 songs, acoustic for the most part, with hand percussion (if that). The hand percussion gave way to drums because we wound up with some drums. We carried on, despite the lack of an actual drummer.

At any rate, we started with 8 songs, and pared the album to 6. It was recorded in a 9'x15' room. All the instruments were played. We wrote our respective songs, and I recorded, mixed, engineered, designed, etc. everything in house. The recording is poor, the mix is bad, but it was my first opportunity to complete a project at The Sea Shack. David Gibson played keys and organ on "She's a Real Go Getter, and "Three Days" respectively. The album was Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Mastering in Austin. Steve Oneil of Adobe Records, and John Hammond out of Houston, Tx. provided additional mix consultation. In reality, all these guys "saved the record" in a way. Of course, special thanks to Zak for the friendship and the songs.

"The Sea Shack Recordings - Texas Songwriter Collections - Volume 1 - Zak Perry and Chris Hughes"  

Zak Perry and the Beautiful Things
Zak Perry

Zak Perry appears courtesy of Fabcat Management

and Yokatta Records 

Zak Perry and the Beautiful Things


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