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"The Sea Shack Recordings - Volume  2"  Recording  Sessions  to Begin Tonight!


Preparations for recording "The Sea Shack Recordings - Volume 2" begin tonight. The album will contain a much wider variety of music than "Volume 1". The object is never to "please everyone", but rather to just completely follow the instincts, and write to the song. Whatever the particular style or groove. That is one of the benefits of being and independent. 

There are about 8 tunes that are "roughs" that are already recorded, and 4 or 5 more songs that have already been "hashed out" and haven't been recorded. 

David Gibson, who played piano and organ on "She's a Real Go Getter" and "Three Days" respectively on "Volume 1", will appear on the entire project and will participate in the writing process on several songs.

It will be exciting to see it take shape.

Listen To The First Radio Play of "The Sea Shack Recordings - Volume 1 - Zak Perry and Chris Hughes


radio play link.jpg

Click on the image to listen to the FIRST podcast that included Zak Perry and Chris Hughes's "The Sea Shack Recordings - Volume 1". It was a kick hearing it for the first time, and we are so happy to have been included on such a cool show with such legenday performers and artists. This is a French Podcast, so unless you speak french, you wont understand a thing! 

"That Ain't the Way I Roll" from the record is featured somewhere shortly after the 34 minute mark, but enjoy their whole podcast, and send them some "Love comments from Texas".


Chris Hughes Interview  On Backstage Pass Radio


Backstage Pass IMG 1.jpeg

You can listen to Chris's interview with Randy Hulsey on here. Randy and Chris discuss growing up in West Texas, musical influences, and what's going on currently. There is even a couple of live acoustic performances, and discussion on Chris and Zak Perry's " The Sea Shack Recordings - Volume 1" 

Getting Loose for 4.1.22 at  Creekwood Grill


Got back to rehearsals and gettin' loose again with Randy Hulsey. Working through some old stuff and putting some new stuff on the burner to learn. We are looking forward to getting back out!!!

David Gibson set to record The Sea Shack Recordings - Volume 2


David Gibson, who did an outstanding job on "Three Days", and "She's a Real Go Getter" on The Sea Shack - Vol. 1, is set to record the entire Volume 2. Volume 2 is REALLY going to mix things up!! There is some straight ahead rock and roll, some blues, some Texas Country Rock, and even some stuff that some folks may actually want to dance to! We will not however rap. That is Volume 3.

The Sea Shack Recordings - Volume 1 set to release soon!


It has been a long time coming but that's ok! Anything worth doing takes time, effort and sacrifice. We have certainly done that. We can't wait to release it for ya! 

I was so blessed to be able to record the first Sea Shack Recordings with Zak. We had a great time recording it, and doing the duo shows leading to it.  

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